CBD is attracting a lot of media attention as a healful supplement that can be used by humans to improve the quality of sleep they get, reduce pain and inflammation, ease anxiety and help in numerous other ways. CBD is marketed as something of a ‘cure all’ and there is certainly a lot of evidence that it can help with many health issues. It has also been found to be non-toxic, and to have very few side effects, with any side-effects that are experienced being rare, mild and shortlived.

Because of how well-tolerated CBD is, and the lack of recorded incidences of toxicity, a growing number of pet owners are interested in the idea of using CBD in the place of medication for their pets. There is, so far, limited evidence to support or refute the safety of CBD when given to animals. This means that mainstream vets are not able to recommend its use, since they must practice evidence-based medicine. Studies are slowly emerging, however, and those studies do support the use of this natural and non-psychoactive substance. View this article on Karger.com for more info.

CBD Versus THC

Many holistic vets firmly believe that CBD is safe for cats, and support its use for minor health issues. Note, however, that CBD is not the same as marijuana. Cats who are exposed to THC could, at best, become very distressed and may also end up suffering from serious ill effects. Keep any vape juices, medical marijuana or edibles well away from your pets! Cats do not understand what is happening to them when they are exposed to psychoactive substances. CBD will not cause such effects, but THC can be quite a dangerous and distressing experience for them.

But is CBD Safe?

So, is CBD safe to use with cats? Well, the prevailing opinion now is that yes, it is safe to give cats CBD as a day to day supplement. The danger comes if you try to use CBD oil in the place of regular visits to the vet. CBD can relieve pain and reduce anxiety in both humans and animals, but it masks the symptoms of discomfort, it does not necessarily treat the cause. You should still stay in contact with your pet’s vet to make sure they remain as healthy as possible.

If you are going to use CBD for your cat, stick to one or two small CBD-enriched treats per day. You do not need to use a lot to create a beneficial effect.