Is CBD Safe For Your Pets?

With the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products spreading across the country and across the world, more and more people are starting to experiment with CBD. There are individuals who are taking CBD as a supplement for optimizing their health. Others are taking CBD as one of the methods they use to manage pain.

Others still are giving their pets CBD as a health supplement and pain management supplement. Giving pets CBD supplements seem to be the trends these days. However, there are questions that arise from the practice of giving CBD to pets. One of such pertinent question is whether CBD is safe for pets.

What Research Shows

Research on the effects of CBD on animals has been conducted, proving that cannabinoids have no toxicity to animals. Over a wide dose spectrum, CBD did not affect the heart rate, the gastrointestinal transit, the blood pressure, the glucose levels, the body temperature, the pH, and the sodium and potassium levels. Importantly, the results did not change even after a 14-days treatment.

As such, this shows that CBD is safe to give your pets. It does not have renowned adverse effects.

It Is Not A Psychoactive Ingredient

One of the safety concerns with giving pets cannabis products is the potential psychotic effects that cannabis has built a reputation off. You should note that just as CBD is toxic, it is not psychoactive. This means you do not have to worry about your pet experiencing psychoactive effects of any kind. This is especially the case when it comes to CBD products derived from hemp as this plant contains less than 3% THC, which is the main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant.

Precautions To Take

While studies have shown CBD to be non-toxic to common pets such as dogs, cats, rodents, and reptiles, it is still important to ensure that you introduce CBD to your pet in the right manner. For starters, begin with small doses and if you do not see any negative impacts to giving your pet CBD, you can slowly increase the dosage.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that CBD does not influence and sometimes alter the function of some enzymes produced by the liver. This may inadvertently affect the breakdown and the metabolism of medications. As such, if your pet is under certain medications, consult your vet to ensure giving your pet CBD will not adversely affect how the medicine functions.

Is CBD Good For Your Anxiety?

CBD or Cannabidiol can be found extracted by the cannabis plant. When used as an oil, it can offer many benefits. Below, we will be going over some of the benefits of CBD oil and whether or not it can be good for your anxiety.

Benefits Of CBD Oil:

1. Reduces Anxiety.

One of the most significant benefits that it can offer is the ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety. There have been studies that show CBD oil can be effective at minimizing the symptoms of various kinds of anxiety including social anxiety [1]. Not only does it reduce the feelings of anxiety, but it can change the way someone responds to the anxiety as well.

2. Relieve Pain.

Another major benefit that can come from using CBD oil has to come from its ability to help reduce pain. This is actually one of the benefits that are propelling CBD oil to become an alternative to other kinds of pain management applications. The reason why it works to reduce pain is primarily that it can impact the receptor activity that transmits pain throughout the body. Because of this, it can interfere with the transmitter delivering the message for the pain.

3. Reduces Inflammation.

Another major benefit that can be gained by using CBD oil would be the ability to reduce inflammation. This is another reason that CBD is so effective on those that suffer from pain because inflammation is only going to make pain worse. Along with this, it can help in a variety of other ways and it can help various conditions that are exacerbated or even caused by inflammation. For instance, CBD oil has been shown to help those that suffer from the acne condition because it can help to reduce inflammation in the skin.

4. Could Protect The Brain.

Another benefit that CBD oil has is the ability to protect the brain. This is primarily because it can help to reduce inflammation which is the root of a lot of diseases including neurological disorders. It can help to optimize the brain’s natural signaling systems and act on them in a way that can be beneficial.

Side Effects:

When it comes to CBD oil, there are not many side effects to be aware of. Unlike THC, you are not going to have to worry about the ‘high’ sensation that you would naturally get with THC. Therefore, CBD oil can be good for those that are looking for the benefits of marijuana but without the ‘high’ sensation that they would get from it. Thus, it can be a good option for those that suffer from side effects from other prescription medication.

That being said, you will want to discuss using CBD oil with your doctor. While it is not a prohibitive substance, you still want to consult with your registered health care physician to ensure that it is going to be a viable treatment option for you and that it will not interfere with your existing treatments or medications.



Is it Safe to Give CBD Oil to Cats?

CBD is attracting a lot of media attention as a healful supplement that can be used by humans to improve the quality of sleep they get, reduce pain and inflammation, ease anxiety and help in numerous other ways. CBD is marketed as something of a ‘cure all’ and there is certainly a lot of evidence that it can help with many health issues. It has also been found to be non-toxic, and to have very few side effects, with any side-effects that are experienced being rare, mild and shortlived.

Because of how well-tolerated CBD is, and the lack of recorded incidences of toxicity, a growing number of pet owners are interested in the idea of using CBD in the place of medication for their pets. There is, so far, limited evidence to support or refute the safety of CBD when given to animals. This means that mainstream vets are not able to recommend its use, since they must practice evidence-based medicine. Studies are slowly emerging, however, and those studies do support the use of this natural and non-psychoactive substance. View this article on for more info.

CBD Versus THC

Many holistic vets firmly believe that CBD is safe for cats, and support its use for minor health issues. Note, however, that CBD is not the same as marijuana. Cats who are exposed to THC could, at best, become very distressed and may also end up suffering from serious ill effects. Keep any vape juices, medical marijuana or edibles well away from your pets! Cats do not understand what is happening to them when they are exposed to psychoactive substances. CBD will not cause such effects, but THC can be quite a dangerous and distressing experience for them.

But is CBD Safe?

So, is CBD safe to use with cats? Well, the prevailing opinion now is that yes, it is safe to give cats CBD as a day to day supplement. The danger comes if you try to use CBD oil in the place of regular visits to the vet. CBD can relieve pain and reduce anxiety in both humans and animals, but it masks the symptoms of discomfort, it does not necessarily treat the cause. You should still stay in contact with your pet’s vet to make sure they remain as healthy as possible.

If you are going to use CBD for your cat, stick to one or two small CBD-enriched treats per day. You do not need to use a lot to create a beneficial effect.

Understanding CBD Treats For Dogs

dog cookieThere are a number of companies that have seen the need to an easier way to administer CBD fo dogs and have seized the opportunity. When considering CBD treats for dogs there are some things that you will want to consider and research. Just like any product, they are not all the same. Knowing exactly what you will be giving your beloved family member will give you the peace of mind in knowing you are making the right choice.

Essentially, this product is a dog treat that has been infused with CBD oil. This takes away the need to try to trick your dog into taking a capsule with their food or putting drops of oil into their mouth. Of course, this makes the administering of the oil far easier for both the dog and the owner. However, you want to be sure that the product that you purchase is made with high grade products to ensure that they will be getting the benefits that you expect.

By taking the time to research the various brands on the market you can have the confidence in knowing that the CBD is of high quality and that they use quality control measures to ensure the right dosage every time. There have been studies that have shown that many companies do not have these measures in place and the fact that the industry is not regulated makes it possible for them to do so.

You will also want to investigate what is used to create the treat itself. If your dog has any kinds of allergies you will want to be sure that they are not contained in the treats. Many producers of this product know just how much dog owners care about what they give their dogs and have created organic products that are grain free. With some research you will be able to find the best CBD treats for dogs on the market.

Is Hemp Healthy For Dogs to Consume?

Have you recently heard of dog owners that are giving their pets hemp oil? You are probably wondering why they are doing this and whether it is safe for the dogs to consume the hemp oil or not. Hemp oil does not offer the same types of benefits that CBD oil can offer to these animals, but it is still safe and beneficial to give to dogs for several different reasons. In fact, it contains several antioxidants and the essential omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to all kinds of dog breeds.

Pure hemp oil does not contain traces of THC, so you would not need to worry about your dog experiencing some sort of high if you decided to add some of this oil to its food. Most of the dog owners that have decided to give this oil to their pets are adding a few drops of it to the traditional dog food that their pets already consume during feeding throughout the day. Although the oil is considered safe to use, you do not want to overdo it and you should stick with giving your dog a small amount of the hemp oil in its food each day.

Before you officially decide on giving this type of oil to your dog, make sure to speak with the animal’s veterinarian to get a professional opinion on it. The veterinarian may provide some dosage recommendations to help you better understand how much of this oil you should give to your dog on a daily basis. If it is something you want to give to the pet in your life, you can absolutely do so to ensure that your dog reaps the different benefits that come from consuming it. Some of those benefits include improved thinking, better circulation, and reduced irritation or inflammation.