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Offleash Areas: Jose Rizal Park

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Description: Located uphill from Safeco Field, Dr. Jose Rizal Park offers a stunning view of south downtown. It also features an airlock-style double-gated entrance and running water. Volunteers have done a tremendous job clearing out what was once dense thickets of blackberry bushes. Now it's a beautiful area with well-maintained cedar paths to help keep the mud down. You can join FOR-OLA (Friends of Rizal-Offleash Area) to be kept apprised of work parties and updates.

A couple benches at the top of the hill let you relax and enjoy the view while playing ball with your dog. It doesn't get any better than sitting on a bench overlooking the Seattle skyline while your dog runs up panting and drops a ball at your feet for the next throw.

For more information on Dr. Rizal visit www.univie.ac.at/Voelkerkunde/apsis/aufi/jorizal.htm or www.rizal.net/joserizal.htm.

Downsides: Can get muddy.
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Subj: [colainfo] Saturday March 22 Work Party  
Date: 3/16/2003 10:36:36 AM Pacific Standard Time 
To: FOR-OLA@yahoogroups.com 

...If you've been to the area in the past four weeks you have 
noticed we put down a new trail surface at our last work party. We put down a 
non-woven drainage fabric and then a layer of hog fuel (wood chips mixture). The 
idea is to allow the water to drain while keeping the mud from mixing with the 
hog fuel. Our plan is to do the main trail that has become very muddy. Of course, 
we would like to do all the trails with this material so the more folks who can 
come and help the faster we'll have wonderful trails. 


Directions: Dr. Jose Rizal Park is located at 1008 12th Ave South on North Beacon Hill across from the Amazon.com building. From I-5S heading towards downtown, take Exit 165A (James Street). Stay straight to go onto 6th Ave. Left on Yesler Way. Right on Boren Ave. S. Slight right onto 12th Ave. S. Right onto S. Charles St. Charles becomes 12th Ave S. The park is on your right, directly across from the large Amazon.com building.

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