Explorer Dog!

Directions to Luther Burbank Park

I-90E to Mercer Island. Exit 7A (77th Ave. SE).
Left at stop sign onto 77th Ave. SE.
Right at stop sign onto N. Mercer Way.
Go through traffic light.
Immediate next left onto 81 Ave. SE.
Right at stop sign onto SE 24th St.
From T-intersection at end of street:
* Left goes to off-leash area side
* Right goes to swimming beach/hibachi grill side

Clickable Map of Park
explorerdog's Luther Burbank Offleash Area page
Official King County park page

From bottom (right hand) parking lot walking to hibachi area
Hibachi closest to swimming area (closed due to bees?)
Tables in the main hibachi area (opposite the bee-table)
Field with 3 picnic tables at far end (no hibachi, 'Site B'; walk through a path beyond main hibachi area and you come to this field)
Hibachi area next to tennis courts (on other side of field, sheltered by trees, 'Site A')
Tennis courts looking toward chess tables
Main house and chess tables (just past tennis courts, center of park)
Amphitheater (Shakespeare in the Park was in progress, just past main house)
Offleash area (a fairly long walk past amphitheater, the wooden fence is the border, offleash area goes down to the water)
Inside the offleash area
Sunset with city skyline